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My Name is Sean Ireland, I am the CEO from i5 Marketing Inc. We are full-service Digital Marketing Agency and we want to offer this great opportunity to increase your reviews and increase your rankings online.

This email is to tell you that Reviews Matter to your business.  If you don’t use reviews yourself that is ok! 93% of consumers read local reviews to decide if a business is good or not – meaning just 7% don’t

In 2011, 71% of consumers stated they read reviews, rising to 78% in 2012, 85% in 2013, and now 93% in 2018

Google uses the review in their algorithm to rank your business online.  

Google is looking for three elements:

  • Relevant reviews to the business
  • Current reviews
  • A good star rating

With this software installed on your site.  The customer becomes engaged with your website and in turn, you have a high per cent of getting them as a customer and getting a good review as well.  

So, we have been selling this service for $95 one time.  We are giving it to you for 50% off with the installation. For the next 48 hours.  By weeks end you can still order the service but it will only 25% OFF

Thank you for your time and the i5 staff looks forward to connecting with you soon.

Sale Price


REG. $95




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